Company Profile

In recent years, the high-tech industries improve their product quality and accuracy by non-stop research, develop and innovate. However, static release and particulate contamination is harmful to electric and semiconductor manufacturing industry. Knowing from the statistical data, every year from the whole world, the damage cost caused by the static release is quite amazing. Therefore, the requirements and quality of the cleanroom is growing. Cleanroom can be considered as a place where the environment is strictly controlled, such as clean rating, humidity, wind speed, wind volume and parallelism. Cleanroom is widely used, such as semiconductor element's manufacturing, sealing and testing, light electric group, high exactitude processing, micro machinery manufacturing and biochemistry pharmacy. The quality of the cleanroom directly influences the products quality. To build a cleanroom, it doesn't mean it could perform effectively forever, it's impossible. The cleanroom must be continually cleaned, managed and maintained to ensure stable and good quality; otherwise it will lose its proper function slowly.

Chuan Chyi knows the importance of continue clean, management and maintenance of cleanroom, so we provide many kinds of clean and maintenance management apparatus for cleanroom. For example, cleanroom consumable materials, clean static garments, cap, shoes, all series filter and net and conductive static proof products. In the future, we will maintain strict controlled quality, continuous design and develop cleaning technology for cleanroom and to provide best product and service to high-tech industry.

Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005 and set up by Taiwan Chuan Chyi Industrial and Shanghai Catherine Electrical. Depends on Chuan Chyi’s specialty of cleanroom technology and Catherine's major of art light with complicated process and metal material exactitude processing, Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology can develop the instruments and tools specially used in cleanroom and improve our service. Especially, we are highly evaluated and supported by our customers on aspect of high class cleanroom garment, conductive shoe, antistatic cleanroom chairs and special tool used in TFT-LCD plant.

Company History

  • 1998
  • Established Chuan Chyi Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 2005
  • Set up Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2008
  • Set up Chuan Chyi Industrial Co., Ltd.- Taipei Office
  • 2009
  • Set up Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd- Chengdu Longqiao Branch
  • 2010
  • Set up Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd- Suzhou office
  • 2013
  • Set up Chengdu Catherine Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd

Philosophy and Prospect

As beginning, we focus on developing and producing to provide the cleanroom antistatic dust coat, clean shoes, cleanroom supplies, equipment and other related products to meet the requirement of variety types of customers.

As medium term, established Shanghai Catherine Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd and other four agency to provide service for the Southwest customers in China. Besides, expand the production of clean clothing shoes and polyester-cotton uniforms and other products. Also set up R&D center to focus on the development of machine arm dust cover and non-dust electrostatic fabric, manufacturing production in addition to independent research and development design also provide processing services such as customers need.

In the future, Chuan Chyi and Catherine will commit in industrial needs of one-stop service and product research and development. We will maintain our spirit of service, and do with professional services, excellent innovation and serious and responsible corporation culture and effectively improve the quality, to meet customer needs, and thus continue to create a win-win situation between enterprises and customers.

Competitive Advantage

  • Professional
    Operating Team
  • Self-owned
    Production Line
  • Experienced R&D and
    OEM/ ODM Back-ground