Chuan Chyi knows the importance of continue clean, management and maintenance of cleanroom, so we provide many kinds of clean and maintenance management apparatus for cleanroom. For example, cleanroom consumable materials, clean static garments, cap, shoes, all series filter and net and conductive static proof products. In the future, we will maintain strict controlled quality, continuous design and develop cleaning technology for cleanroom and to provide best product and service to high-tech industry.
Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005 and set up by Taiwan Chuan Chyi Industrial and Shanghai Catherine Electrical. Depends on Chuan Chyi’s specialty of cleanroom technology and Catherine's major of art light with complicated process and metal material exactitude processing, Shanghai Catherine Cleaning Scientific & Technology can develop the instruments and tools specially used in cleanroom and improve our service. Especially, we are highly evaluated and supported by our customers on aspect of high class cleanroom garment, conductive shoe, antistatic cleanroom chairs and special tool used in TFT-LCD plant.
  • Cleanroom Garment
  • Cap
  • Antistatic Shoes & Boots Series
  • Cleanroom Accessories
  • Cleanroom Masks
  • Gloves Sleeve
  • Cleanroom Wipers
  • Antistatic Cleanroom Chairs
  • Filter Series
  • Overalls
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Antistatic Products